12-Weeks to Self-Published - July 2021

Start - and finish - your book in 12-weeks without the overwhelm

How the 12-Weeks to Self-Published program can help YOU!

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What others are saying...

"I write fiction, but I've lived my life like a do-it-yourself book. I cringed at the term "outsourcing," and the very idea of paying someone (like a coach or mentor) to tell me what to do would set off a nervous tic. That started to change when I committed to follow my dream of becoming an author. The volume of things I needed to learn seemed overwhelming, but I was fortunate enough to find Stacy Sowers. I quickly came to trust Stacy's expertise in all areas of Indie publishing. And beyond that, I trust her intention and her commitment to my success. She's also one of the rare people who can tell me what to do in a way that doesn't trigger that nervous tic."

- Diane Lewis, https://www.authordianelewis.com/

How would it feel to finally hold your finished book in your hands?

To hit that publish button?

(Spoiler alert: it feels flippin' amazing!)

You've dreamed about finishing your story and sharing it with the world.

So, let's do it... together!

One of the hardest parts about self-publishing is keeping the momentum going to push through all of the things that need doing to actually bring a book to the world. What most don't realize until they're in the thick of it is... writing a book is just a part of what goes into self-publishing.

But... what's the best way to keep the momentum going? The best way to figure out all the things? The best way to actually get it done!?

Having people in your corner and on the same journey with you.

And that's where 12-Weeks to Self-Published {LIVE!} comes in.

For 12-weeks we'll be working together in a small group environment to write our books... AND GET THEM DONE!

Put in the work, and by the end of this course you'll have your book ready to hit that publish button... or ready for edits so you can then hit that publish button.

This is a { LIVE! } program. Not a pre-recorded, go-at-your-own-pace program.

Every morning there will be a short, livestream in our private group. From there, we'll do work-sprints to keep our momentum (and spirits!) high and pressing forward... together. As a group. We'll have once-weekly check-ins where you can ask questions, and, of course, you can ask questions for feedback anytime inside the private student group.

Prerequisites for the 12-Weeks to Self Published:

  • Your desire to finish and publish your book in the quickest time you are able.
  • The eagerness to learn, grow, receive feedback, and give feedback.
  • The willingness to be flexible with your plan, and understand that each of us work differently, at our own pace, and using our own methods.
    (and bonus: you'll discover your own personal, unique writing process as part of this course... what works, and what doesn't)
  • And MOST IMPORTANTLY: you must be willing to put in the work – no one can write your book for you (if they did, it would be their words, their voice... not yours).

(oh... and did I mention there's prizes at the end?) 😉🏆

Stop dreaming about someday finishing your book.

Join us and finish it.

What others are saying...

"Whenever I've been convinced that some author goal was impossible (for me) to achieve, Stacy has simply said, "Sure you can, and here's how." She's never offered false hope. She offers encouragement, a solid plan, and a gentle but unwavering voice of accountability. She's an author (of both fiction and non-fiction), a coach, and a genius at tech. Not only is Stacy my go-to resource for all my author issues, she's a delight and an inspiration to work with."

- E. J. Shelley, http://www.ejshelley.com/

Your Instructor

Stacy Sowers
Stacy Sowers

Author's Mojo & Author's Mojo Academy was founded by Stacy Sowers, a native West Virginian and tech-geek.

After a long career spanning over twenty years in technology with companies across the United States, from Fortune 500’s to small local non-profits – the majority of that spent in website development and design – Stacy pursued her lifelong dream of publishing.

But she found a great need in the indie-author community…

One she was uniquely qualified to help with.

Now, Stacy spends her time writing under several pen-names as well as helping many in the indie-author community with bringing their books to the world.

Frequently Asked Questions

When does the course start and finish?
The program starts on July 1, 2021 and runs for 12 weeks.
How long do I have access to the course?
How does lifetime access sound? After enrolling, you have unlimited access to the video replays in this course - across any and all devices you own.

This course is closed for enrollment.